01 APRIL 2020

Dear Members,


We are almost finished with the first week of lockdown and I’m sure it has been pretty tough on everyone. Having had communications with many of our members, it’s been quite incredible to see how we’re using this time to stay fit and keep our minds busy – send your workouts to your coaches; they’d love to see you keeping fit and so would I!

Rygersdal has an incredibly diverse membership and it’s important to acknowledge that mundane tasks like washing your hands might seem logical and simple for some, it’s actually quite a challenge for others.

I have not yet figured out exactly how we can all assist our fellow members in need during this time but we’re open to any ideas you may have. Many of our members will suffer a loss of income during this time – some in parts and some entirely – which means the basics such as food – and soap – are probably going to become hard to come by – especially if the lockdown continues past the April deadline set by President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Thus far, South Africa is fast approaching 1500 cases of coronavirus and reported just five deaths at the time of writing this update. It is therefore really important that we continue to stay in our homes and only leave if we have to get essential goods or conduct work for an essential service. If we want to come out of this on top we have to abide by the Laws currently in place – we therefore plead with all our members to obey the strict rules and lead by example in your community: this is the perfect time to transform your passion and commitment into excellence – as our club motto dictates. This is what it means to “flatten the curve” and control the spread of this virus.

Back closer to home, at the clubhouse, we continue to figure out how we best utilise our newfound source of water on the “B” Field. Unfortunately, our seeding was not able to be done before the lockdown was implemented and therefore all we can do now is irrigate the field and hope it improves. The City, deemed to be an essential service, are still assisting us in finding the right pipes and connectors but in the mean time they are also having to be creative as most (if not all) suppliers are closed.

There is still no word from SAFA or CTTFA in regard to a date for football to return. The truth is nobody really knows how long this will last. We are all hoping the lockdown has an effect as even while rumours of a lockdown-extension grow stronger, we’re hopeful it ends soon.

To our members and parents in need during this time – please don’t be shy to reach out to our club committee or your coach / team manager if you are really struggling at this time. I said earlier in this letter that we do not have the answers – or the solutions – but we will be more than happy to put our heads together and chat about how we can help anyone who needs it desperately.

This is a time for a community to come together, pool its resources and help its members. This is where you learn what it truly means to be a part of the Rygersdal Football Club family and I urge you to engage other as we try find creative ways to help each other through this incredibly difficult time.

If you are scared, worried, confused about the virus, not sure if you have it or not, might be having personal issues or just want someone to chat to – you’re welcome to reach out to myself, the coaches or any of the committee members in an effort to assist you through this time.

Justin Asher

Club Chairman

On behalf of the Rygersdal Football Club Executive Committee